Hi, I'm Simon.

I'm a software engineer
and creator.

I'm a full-stack developer, and over the last years, I worked on web apps, mobile apps, IoT backends, and containers of all shapes and sizes. My goal with this website is to share everything I know about software engineering with you.


My (current) projects

  • DevOps Agency
    I'm focused on building my DevOps Agency Mannes Developments [DE]. If you need help designing robust cloud architecture, optimizing your CI/CD pipelines or implementing Infrastructure as Code, get in touch!
  • Nerdful Mind Newsletter (archived)
    Nerdful Mind was a weekly curated newsletter with articles about mindfulness, psychology, and software engineering principles.
  • This Blog (archived)
    Here I'm sharing everything I learn as a software engineer. You'll find career tips, software engineering principles, and tutorials.

Work with me

  • My Specialties
    Fullstack-JS, Microservices, CI/CD, Terraform, Helm, GitLab, GitHub, Nx, Lerna, Nest.js, Express, Angular, React, Vue, Svelte, …
  • How I Work
    We're going to work as partners. I'm working with you to reach the best possible outcome. That means I'll ask dumb or uncomfortable questions. I'll also work remotely and (probably, depending on the setup) with 80% capacity max.
  • What I Can Do For You
    Apart from long-term support of your team regarding specific goals, I offer one-off architecture and engineering support packages. They cover initial monorepo and CI/CD setup for startups, projects migrating to monorepos, and CI/CD optimizations. Prices on request.
  • Focus on DevOps
    If you want to work with me, get in touch on LinkedIn or via email! Or, take a look around my DevOps agency's website (in German): Mannes Developments.

Get to know me

I love learning new things and helping others learn them, too! When I'm not working or writing software, I dance (West Coast Swing), meditate, read, cook, and create things. Like this blog!

Contact me

If you want to get in touch, just shoot me an email.