I Stopped Using My Smartphone In The Morning. You Should, Too. Here's Why.

July 21, 2020 · 1 min read

Women standing on the edge between water and a forest Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

Your morning sets the tone for your day. And the most important thing you can manage during the day is your own attention (not your time).

So, if you start your day looking at your phone or watching videos, you're telling your brain that it's okay to focus on this today.

Let's stop using our phones for the first 30 minutes each day.

This leaves your brain time to boot up, without training it for the distractions of email, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

You can't manage your time.

You can only manage your attention.

So take control of your life and start the day with mindful focus.

Also: think about how notifications disrupt your attention.